Individuals & Families

Most often, your family has all of the pieces, but needs expert help pulling the pieces together in a comprehensive financial plan.

Whatever path brings you to our office, we work collaboratively with your other advisors to help develop a plan that suits your needs and customize a strategy that gives you comfort that you and your family’s needs are heard and addressed. Through our business affiliations, we have access to the products and services from an impressive group of leading companies, which allows us to develop highly specialized strategies that are needs-based rather than product-driven. We offer fee-based financial planning and can provide those services on either an hourly or a flat-fee engagement basis; and Fee-based wealth management services in addition to insurance consulting and brokerage.


Financial Planning

A financial plan is the written document detailing the short- and long-term steps that we will take as we strive to meet your financial goals and objectives.


It’s a road map of what’s to come and a guide until circumstances change — at which point, we will consult with you about modifying the plan. Your financial plan is also a strategy or series of strategies involving multiple aspects of your financial situation designed to bridge the gap between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. Developing a financial plan follows naturally from identifying goals, objectives, and existing positions.

  1. The first step in the wealth management process told us what you wanted and required in terms of dollars, risk, insurance, retirement, and beyond.
  2. The second step revealed your present circumstances.

Now, having placed the two side by side, we can put a series of action steps in writing specifically intended to get you from here to there.

Your financial plan may include an income plan, a distribution plan, a retirement plan, an insurance review, an Investment Policy Statement, and an investment proposal. It will always contain an action plan. For the short term, the financial plan will serve as our guide, but it is a “living document” subject to change over time as your financial needs, goals, and circumstances change. In some cases, there may not be a gap between your existing positions and your goals and objectives. At other times, your goals and objectives may be out of reach given your present situation. Regardless, the financial plan will continue to serve as our blueprint for managing your financial success.


Risk Management

Risk is a fact of life and can have a dramatic impact on your wealth. Risk management is intended to minimize financial and other potential losses associated with risks to your assets, health, or business.


Each investor should evaluate the possibility of personal, business, and professional liability; property loss; catastrophic illness or disability; and assisted living. Part of our job is to protect your financial well-being, and that may require us to help you insulate yourselves from certain risks.

Prudent risk management may involve purchasing life, long-term care, and disability insurance, as well as a handful of other risk prevention vehicles. From protecting your business to your health, we try to ensure that you are comfortable with the level of risk you are taking.

Risk management is a critical component of wealth management, and a good insurance strategy will be well-coordinated with your overall plans for business, investments, taxation, estate, and retirement.


Wealth Management

As you strive to grow your personal net worth, the financial challenges you face become increasingly complex.


While some investors have a long-term strategy in place to grow their assets and manage risk within their portfolios, many do not have strategies for dealing with the tax implications that result from the distribution and transfer of the assets they have worked so hard to accumulate. Capitalizing on opportunities to preserve, grow, and transfer your wealth requires the sophisticated guidance of a professional who knows and understands your long-term financial goals.

Our wealth management process is based on a commitment both to providing sound wealth management services and to improving the quality of life for everyone associated with the firm — clients, financial professionals, and staff. Our approach to the marketplace is, “Earning the Privilege to Be Your Trusted Financial Professional.”