Health and Welfare Benefits

Our Group Employee Benefits packages include health and dental insurance, vision, life insurance, and much more.

Services We Offer:

We work with all the major carriers.

  • Analysis of Current Benefits, Goals, Budgets, and Funding
  • Benchmarking
  • Aggressive Underwriting, Negotiations and Competitive Bids
  • Cost Transparency
  • Employee Communications Support
  • Annual Benefits Planning Meeting
    • Audit and performance monitoring of vendors
    • Client advocacy
    • Goals and trends for the client and the market
  • Annual Education and Support Plan
    • Maps out goals for each month leading up to targeted education and renewal deadlines
  • 24 Hour Service Timetable
  • Dedicated Service Team
    • Senior Account Executive
    • Account Coordinator
  • HR Onboarding and Benefit Enrollment Software
  • Over 100 years of collective experience with a team of trusted professionals that will be there when you need them
  • Average Tenure/Experience of Team Member – 13.5 years

​Let's Get Started​ 


Your business is running smoothly and you want to keep your valuable employees happy and engaged. They want to be part of an organization with purposeful direction. Successful organizations are built around employee feedback and Kaplan is there to help. We want to make sure you retain the employees that play an instrumental role in keeping the workplace culture alive and thriving through regular interactions with coworkers and leadership.


Some firms and individuals require special products not typically offered by most employers, or might offer them to entice high quality employees. We’d be happy to discuss some of these options with you.


We have helped many startups with their benefit needs even when they worked out of the garage. No HR? No problem. We work to custom fit plans to make sure that the cost of offering benefits does not impact the establishment of the business.


You are starting to carve out a place for your business in the market, so now more than ever you are investing in your company. This means investing in the right people, and benefits are a major factor in a job offer. Kaplan Benefits will benchmark your current offerings to make sure that you are competitive and cost efficient in your industry while working to create a dynamic benefits program to attract top talent.