Business owners can take control of their finances with approaches designed for a broad range of needs and hundreds of product choices to implement these strategies.

Group Health Insurance

A group health insurance plan is a key component of many employee benefits packages. The medical plan you decide to offer should be tailored to your particular business, taking into account the needs of your employee group, your budget, and whether the plan will be contributory or noncontributory.

Insurance is regulated in large measure by each state, and different types of employers may offer different benefit plans. The laws about how coverage can be issued to large groups (more than 50 employees) are different than those for small groups. Dramatic changes in the insurance marketplace make the professional insurance advisor's role increasingly important to individuals and small businesses in finding cost-saving measures and coverage options. Kaplan Benefits Group will work with you to help determine the best plan for your particular business while keeping costs as low as possible.

Prescription Drug Plan

Prescription drug plans have become an expected benefit integrated with group medical plans. Keeping up with prescription drug costs has become a challenge for most people, and so the benefits of a low co-pay plan are highly valued. The prescription drug plans also help keep costs lower through the incentives to use generic drugs. Various co-pays are available, which can help keep premiums lower.

Dental Plan

Dental plans are often integrated with the group medical plan, but sometimes a stand-alone plan is more cost effective for your group. Dental plans strongly emphasize preventive care, which in the long run keep dental costs lower while maintaining better overall health for your employees.

It can also be a key component in a competitive compensation package in order to attract and retain excellent employees.

Vision Plan

A study by the National Eye Institute reports that 70 percent of Americans reported a "loss of eyesight" as a "10" on a scale of 1–10, 10 being the worst that can happen. Loss of eyesight means loss of independence, mobility, and quality of life.

Good visual health is extremely important in overall health, and periodic eye exams are actually crucial in preventive health care, as they can detect symptoms of many diseases, such as diabetes, brain tumors, and hypertension, among others. Adding a vision insurance plan to your employees' benefit plan increases the value of the entire package.

Disability Income Protection

Providing disability insurance for your employees gives them peace of mind that should the unthinkable happen, their paycheck is protected when they need it most. Short-term disabilities are more common than long-term disabilities and can be very costly to employers both in lost productivity and actual expenses.

By designing a disability insurance plan that addresses the needs of your industry, you, as an employer, also benefit by providing a highly valued employee benefit to attract and keep high-caliber employees.

Life Insurance Protection

Life insurance plans provided by employers make up a large percentage of the protection families rely on should one of the breadwinners die too young. And, for just pennies per thousand, you can add accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage to your basic life insurance plan, which will double or even triple the amount the beneficiary receives should your employee die in an accidental death.

Employers who have a large percentage of employees opting for family coverage in their medical plans often add voluntary benefits to their life insurance plan. This allows for families to obtain life insurance and AD&D coverage for their spouses and also their children at a lower cost that purchasing individual plans.

Retirement Plans

What do you foresee for your, and your employees', sunset years?

It takes solid planning and utilizing the benefit of time to grow a healthy retirement fund.

Kaplan Benefits Group will work with you to implement an employee retirement plan as well as provide individual retirement planning in order to help you and your employees build a solid financial future.

Individual Financial Planning

We also provide financial planning on an individual basis.

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